Friday, September 22

Anti-Corruption Bill is the way forward to rescue Gambia – Sheikhna Faal –

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By Binta Jaiteh

 Sheikhna Faal, a politician has claimed that Anti-Corruption Bill is the way forward to rescue Gambia from malpractice and mismanagement.

 In an interview with this medium, Mr. Faal said in his honest opinion, he believes “we have moved 20 steps backward in all sectors of development. Our economy is at the peak of its worst form since independence and there is no productivity to enhance its recovery.”

 He stressed that Barrow has become a nightmare and that it’s going to get worst since the Senegambia Bridge was mortgaged. “It is controversial, it should be a concern to all citizens, we are waiting to hear the steps the National Assembly will take after inviting the Minister of Finance on the issue,” he stated.

He added that the country’s main institutions are compromised because they had already mortgaged them to the Senegalese, Europeans, and Chinese “including the Ports and the Sea.”

Mr Faal added that corruption is the worst form of fueling poverty and it has become a norm and culture in this country since the leader is not ready to fight corruption and reasons best known to him.

Meanwhile, he enunciated that President Barrow and his coalition partners are the very people that signed the deportation agreement and there is no doubt about that. “What is not clear is the person who did that signing on behalf of the government but am sure it was someone from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the time and none of them are willing to take responsibility for the action,” he alleged. 

Mr. Faal further said the youths of this country have no future and that is why they are embarking on irregular migration in search of greener pasture but unfortunately, a lot has died on the way while some are deported which is very pathetic. 

“This government is not offering any service to the young people and I am really disappointed. However this group of parliamentarians is the worst we have in this country so far,” he said.