Friday, December 8

Anti Corruption Bill Referred To NA Business Committee For Reconsideration

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National Assembly building
By Ramatoulie Jawo

The National Assembly Members on Wednesday, September 20, 2023, sent the Anti Corruption Bill 2019 back to the Business Committee of the Assembly for reconsideration of some clauses.

The Parliament was scheduled to conduct the third reading of the Bill on Wednesday, primarily a procedural step involving voting.

Nevertheless, Hon. Alhagie S. Darboe, the Minority Leader and National Assembly Member for Brikama North presented a motion invoking Standing Order 74 (1) to draw attention to clause 75 (1) in the amended version of the Anti-Corruption Bill for further consideration by fellow Members.”

“Honorable Speaker, I raised on 53 K and acting on that Standing Order 74 amendments to bills After consideration stage Reconsideration stage If any Member desires to leave out or amend provision contained in a bill following consideration stage, or to introduce any new provision therein, he or she may at any time before the person in charge of the bill rises to move the third reading of the bill, move that the bill be reconsidered either wholly or in respect only of some particular part or parts of the bill or some proposed new clause or new schedule.

“Honorable Speaker I want to submit that we reconsider clause 75 of the bill which reads the procedure of offenses Every prosecution for an offense under this Act or any other law prohibiting bribery, corruption, and other related offenses shall be done with the consent of the Attorney-General,” Hon. Darboe submitted.

Hon. Darboe emphasized that his Committee has proposed maintaining their request for prosecution consultation with the Minister of Justice rather than requiring the Minister’s consent. He further stated that amending this specific clause would necessitate a reconsideration.

The National Assembly Member for Kiang Central, Hon. Yunusa Bah, seconded His motion. The Speaker then informed the Assembly members that the Bill would be referred to the National Assembly Business Committee and then rescheduled for consideration.