Wednesday, October 5

Anti-corruption Bill should be given priority – Dodou Jah

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By: Nyima Sillah

Dodou Jah, deputy spokesman for APRC said the Anti-corruption bill should be given priority over other pending bills.

In an exclusive with The Voice, Jah said: “Anti-corruption bill should be given a priority. It should be prioritised over other bills that are pending. Not that those bills are not important but the menace of corruption is eating up our society.”

He also said: Corruption retard the development of any country or the progress of any country.

“Lots of scandals, lots of allegations of corruption in various institutions in this country and individuals likewise have been pointed fingers. I believe the Anti-corruption bill will be the best tool for us to curb corruption in this country but if it still derails, it will be a big problem for us to fight it in this country,” he added.

Jah went on that before the Anti-corruption bill, other bills have been tabled for many years and are still pending in parliament but as part of the agenda they can prioritize the Anti-corruption bill.

He pointed out that taking into account the lawmakers have recommended that anybody found wanting at least a fine of half a million should be paid or a Jail term of about 5 years.

This he said will put a lot of people in their corners knowing that laws are put in place to prosecute or to make sure people are penalized when they are found wanting.

“If we want a better Gambia, to progress rapidly to move beyond where we are today, corruption should be a priority, it should be top agenda in the legislation so that it will give this country uplift.