Friday, May 27

APRC deputy spokesman speaks on new cabinet

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By: Nyima Sillah

Dodou Jah, deputy spokesman for APRC has spoken on Barrow’s new cabinet as he insisted no one can compare the previous cabinet with the new one in office.

“The first cabinet was a coalition and they all saw that they should be in that government position. positions were given and all political party leaders were given positions. Halifa was the only one who was not in any position, people said he refused and he said he was not given so I cannot tell. For this cabinet it was the president that sat down to make selections. It was not based on coalition but because he is the NPP’s leader,” he said.

“In the previous cabinet people say that Barrow has issues with UDP that is why he fired them but UDP was not the only one fired, Mai Fatty was fired, Hendry Gomez was fired, OJ Jallow etc. In terms of agriculture, in his own opinion, what he wants to see, she (Amie Fabureh) could not do.

“May be 5yeras is too small for her to do it. What is her reason for her difficulties? I don’t know what she did in terms of work I was not aware of. I don’t say she did not work but the reason for her removal, I don’t know. Thus, even today there are two ministerial positions. Maybe he fired and  will replace those positions,” he added.

Meanwhile, he continued: “I think that maybe the reason why the finance minister is not replaced is because of the way our economy is going, perhaps also other things that happen inside that we did not know. If you look at our economy, people think that the finance minister cannot be there. Maybe he cannot be there. That is why thePresident removed him. No one can say our economy is stable the way things are going. We like it if we say that we will lie.”

However, he said: “I believe that the reason behind people’s firing should be heard in public. but if you hide it, some might say you provoke them but if you disclose it people will know and they will say it should be done or else there will still be an argument going on.”