Monday, December 4

APRC Media Director Accuses Senegalese Gov’t of Kidnapping Baitullah, Calls on Gambian Gov’t to Intervene

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By Nicholas Bass

The Director of Media of APRC No-to-Coalition, AnsuBadjie, has accused the Senegalese government of kidnapping Omar Sanneh commonly known as Baitullah, and called on the Barrow-led government to intervene for his release.

It could be recalled that Omar Sanneh was on or about 10 June 2023, arrested by the Senegalese government, and he was charged with espionage, conspiracy, threatening the territorial integrity of Senegal, crimes of disturbing the State, insulting the head of State and spreading false news.

However, Ansu Badjie in an interview with The Voice accused President Macky Sall of kidnapping ”Baitullah” at Barajas in Casamance, noting that Sanneh was placed in custody at a detention centre in Ziguinchor. 

The APRC No-To-Alliance media director Badjie disclosed that the Senegalese government relocated “Baitullah” from  Colobane Gendarmerie to Sarmet prison in Dakar where he is currently detained without trial.

He claimed that “Baitullah” is a civilized and genuine politician, stating that his WhatsApp audios do not stir violence but ”speak only on his opinion”.

Badjie alleged that the Barrow government has failed to negotiate with their Senegalese counterparts for Baitullah’s release, stressing that it is Barrow’sresponsibility to protect Gambians at all costs. 

He pleaded with The Gambian government to intervene for the release of “Baitullah”, stating that he did no wrong that warrants his arrest and detention.