Saturday, December 3

APRC spokesman urges Barrow to fight corruption

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By: Nyima Sillah

Dodou Jah, Spokesperson of Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) has urged President Adama Barrow to fight corruption which is now a virus in The Gambia.

In an interview with The Voice, he said: “I would want to urge the president to take a firm stand to fight corruption in every corner of the country. Definitely if I have the opportunity (to meet him) that will be one thing I would want him to definitely focus on, to fight corruption.”

Corruption, he explained, is a dangerous issue and a much tampered topic discussing in every corner of the country and needs to be addressed by the head of state.”

According to him, social media have diverging views and different opinions, adding that there will always be noise, some will say ‘yes’ and others will say ‘no.’ But for him, the president has every right to nominate five people into the National Assembly.

“Consideration is given to youth, women and persons with disability and among the five that he has nominated there is a youth and there are two women there is no person with disability it is just a preference not by force to do it. Politics is about interest. I think he has the prerogative to nominate five and he did that. People can see differently but the president has the power to choose,” he submitted.

“When it comes to persons with disabilities and Christians, the constitution didn’t say Christians it just said majority groups and if you say minority groups it is not very specific. It doesn’t mean that Christians are the minority groups. Talking about minority groups, that Christians have not won any seat and you decide to choose from Christians so how about other religious beliefs. So, we should not put Christians in bold letters because they are not the only minority group in the country,” he added.