Friday, June 9

April 10/11 victims want compensated with Jammeh assets proceeds  

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He made this statement on the commemoration of the event at an ‘iftar’ dinner on Tuesday at the Westfield Monument. The event was organised by various human right organisations.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the president of the Republic, saying the president has failed to prioritize the plight of the victims.

“Mr President, we the victims have taken note of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) statement released on Twitter recently. Although your government has accepted all the TRRC recommendations relating to the April 10 and 11 2000 Victims, however, we are disappointed to inform you that nothing significant has been implemented. Mr. President, for sustainability, there are some recommendations which require little funds to implement especially if implemented with victim led organisations and civil society organisations in the Gambia such as;

To declare April 10 and 11′ April a school holiday or to memorialise this tragic day to ensure it never happens again,” he underscored. 

He said this should be done to make citizens remember this tragic day.

“Mr President, we implore upon you to instruct your government to act on the TRRC Recommendations and re-enforce the Never Again mantra before it’s too late. This can include a proper rebranding of the Arch 22 to be stripped of the current murals it displays and replace it with more appropriate murals, decorations and other artefacts which can be inaugurated by your government.”

He suggested the two Education ministries to meet student bodies annually to discuss issues of concern and set up an official channel of communication to deal with student complaints in a timely and effective manner.