Wednesday, November 30

Armed robber arraigned, pleaded guilty of offense

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By Nicholas Bass

Lamin Jarju a resident of Sanyang village has pleaded guilty to armed robbery charges leveled against him when he appeared before Magistrate Peter Adoh Che of the Brikama Magistrates’ Court on 4th of October 2022.

Lamin Jarju robbed his victim, Kathleen Syeila Sinkison of D150,000.

According to the particular of his offence filed before the court, Lamin Jarju on the 14th August 2022 at Sanyang Village, Kombo South, West Coast Region, robbed Kathleen Sinkinson of her bag containing her documents and physical cash of D150,000 and at that time of robbing her, he pulled out a knife and scolded her by threatened to stab her if she failed to give him the (bag) money.

At the commencement of the court hearing, Cadet ASP Kalilu Kinteh pleaded to the court for the case to be transferred to the Gambia High Court saying it involves a death and life sentence, citing section 3 of the legal notice on Criminal matters.

At this juncture the presiding magistrate Peter AdohChe noted that he shall have the matter transferred to the Gambia High Court before he gave an order for the accused LaminJarju to be taken to Mile 2 central prison with an order for the Brikama Court registrar to deliver the files of the accused for such transfer of the matter at the Gambia High Court.