Friday, March 31

Aspiring Independent candidate promises To Unite His People

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By: Nyima Sillah

Kawsu Colley, an aspiring independent candidate for Sibanor in Foni Bintang Karanai constituency in the West Coast Region has promised to unite his people by refraining them from any political, religious and tribal sentiment if he is elected as a counselor in the upcoming Local Government Elections.

 “We have a political difference on a minor level but I still want people to reconcile. We also don’t have serious religious and tribal issues but as a leader, you should call upon all the people in your constituency or the entire nation to become one,” Mr Colley told The Voice.

He also said the tendency of differences among people is not high but he believed through sensitisation people will be enlightened about political matters and how to sort out their political, religious, and tribal differences.

“Some people hold grudges when their political party doesn’t win. My constituency has these issues but uniting people is one of the key things that can make us achieve development. We have to be loyal to each other, love each other, and have patience in order to achieve the development that we want,” Colley emphasized.

However, aspiring candidate Colley added that he is inspired to contest in the elections after observing the development status of his constituency, adding that Sebanor constituency is lacking behind in terms of development and he wants to bring development to his ward through area council and other development partners.

“If I am elected, I am going to stand for unity, call my people to be united. I am going to engage the people and work with the WDC Ward Development committee in bringing development to their doorstep, refrain my people from political, tribal, and religious sentiments or discrimination.”

He pointed out that he also intends to engage the whole 21 communities in Sebanor to institute a Village Development Committee and if there is any, then they will restructure its which  he said will make them achieve all their goal as a ward.

 “With the help of Allah, I am assured of victory. “90- 95% of the Sebanor ward supports me. I, therefore, advised my people and supporters to maintain peace and be law abiding. So, let’s maintain peace.” He advised.