Monday, December 4

Assan Jatta Pushes For More Support

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“My calling in athletics is bigger than winning multiple medals,” Assan Jatta tells The Voice Sport, seeking support on a career he calls “great for me”.

There is a feeling that the Gambia Senior Secondary School fastest boy in the country has given everything but working to succeed to represent the country he loves so much the Gambia.

Born in Serekunda, Assan Jatta Commonly Known as Asubaba started his education at Serekunda Primary School, moved to Greater Banjul School and finally in 2021 graduated at The Gambia Senior Secondary School.

He started his athletic career in his upper basics school in 2017 with the help of his coach Eis Manga who helped him to become better in the sport.

Asubaba said that in 2018/2019 he got a scholarship to The Gambia Senior School as a student-athlete. He had to work hard and focus on his education and athletics career, which was quite challenging but successful.

“I am a junior athlete yet to represent the Gambia and I hope I will have that opportunity this upcoming track and field season, in track and field we heard to overcome so many challenges and obstacles. I am facing financial support, proper training equipment and facilities, access to the stadium for training on the tracks, proper sports nutrition, and access to physiotherapy,” Jatta told The Voice Sports.

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