Friday, December 8

AU celebrates victory for human rights, gender

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The historic moment underscores the renewed trust that African Union member states have placed in him for his outstanding leadership. 

For the past six years, President Rémy Ngoy Lumbu has served as the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders and has been designated as the focal point on reprisals within the ACHPR. Under his guidance, the human rights situation in Africa has significantly improved. His unwavering commitment to protecting human rights defenders and his tireless work to combat reprisals against them are truly admirable. 

It is also worth noting President Rémy Ngoy Lumbu’s role as a staunch advocate for women’s rights, making him an exceptional leader and a true feminist. His dedication to gender equality has had a significant impact on the promotion and protection of women’s rights in Africa. This aspect of his leadership underscores the importance of equity and inclusion in the promotion of human rights. 

The ACHPR presidency is a two-year mandate, and the re-election of President Rémy Ngoy Lumbu is a clear sign of recognition for his outstanding work within the organisation. His commitment to the defense of human rights and gender equality serves as a model for all African Union members.

Alongside Chairperson Rémy Ngoy Lumbu, we also congratulate Vice Chairperson Commissioner Janet Ramatoulie Sallah-Njie on her election as ACHPR Vice Chairperson. She also serves as the Special Rapporteur on Women’s Rights, a position of great importance in the fight for gender equality in Africa. The combination of their skills and commitment promises a bright future for the ACHPR and human rights in Africa. 

In conclusion, the re-election of Hon. Rémy Ngoy Lumbu as ACHPR Chairperson is a victory for human rights, gender equality, and enlightened leadership in Africa. We celebrate his dedication and devotion to the promotion and protection of fundamental rights, as well as his tireless advocacy for women’s rights. This re-election is evidence of the trust that African Union member states have placed in him, and we look forward to seeing continued progress under his leadership.