Tuesday, March 28

Auditor General Says D67 Million Virement done without approval by Minister

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By Binta Jaiteh

The Auditor General, Modou Ceesay has revealed that sixty-seven million, nine hundred and sixty virement was done without an approval from the Minister of Finance documentation and authorization members of the committee and urged the Accountant General to provide those documents.

Mr. Ceesay made the revelation during the consideration of the 2019 accounts of the government with the National Assembly Committee on Finance and Public Accounts Committee (FPAC)

He said assuming that the minister should approve each transactional virement before carrying out the operation they want the evidence to be produced whether at the Ministry of Finance or at the Directorate of Budget it should be produced to the auditors.

“The Accountant General in their first management response said this document will be produced and now in their updated management response they claimed not seeing this letter. How did they write this management response, the substance is that auditors further reviewed that there was no documentation on the approval of this transaction,” he inquired.

 He said the auditors comment reveals that the deputy director of budget was the one who approved this transaction while the auditors are demanding for the approval evidence of the Minister for proceeding of this transaction.

Allagie Mbowe argued that the reason for the members to ask this question is because in virment process consultation to know if there was authority from the minister.