Friday, September 22

Award winning migration reporter thanks The Point

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Sanna Camara, an independent journalist and contributing editor to The Point has thanked the paper and its publishers for the opportunity to publish his works that were among 9 news reports recognised by IOM on Thursday, 23rd June 2022.

Two of Sanna’s stories came up Second and Third positions in Print and Digital Media Category of the migration reporting competition organised by the IOM, with funding from the European Union Trust Fund and in partnership with the Gambia Press Union and the Ministry of Interior in The Gambia.

Winners were each given a certificate and a cheque – first prize went away with $1,000 whilst second prize $700. However, multiple award winners could only get one cash prize, according to organisers.

“I would like to thank the UN Migration Agency (IOM), The government of The Gambia through the Ministry of Interior, EU Delegation in Banjul and The Gambia Press Union for the recognition of my work as an independent journalist in The Gambia. To Mr. Pap Saine and colleagues at The Point, these stories were published in your newspaper. I thank you all for giving me the opportunity to explore my passion and publishing in your newspaper,” Mr. Camara said.

He described it as a “most humble thing” that the First Position in Print and Digital Media Category went to one of his mentees at the The Standard Newspaper, Mr. Alhagie Manneh.

Another of Sanna’s mentees, Muhammad Gajaga of QTV, won Second Position in TV Category. Other stars like Sankulleh Gibrial Janko of West Africa Democracy Radio, Yusef Taylor of Gainako Online, et al were equally recognised.

“These are great accomplishments for us as Migration Reporters. To fellow migration reporters, I salute your dedication, dynamism and hard work. Ours is more complex – a specialisation that keeps evolving each day. We are further challenged by new trends in migration each year, caused by wars, instability, natural disasters, search for greener pastures and climate change. As these evolve, so do our work and the urgent need for us to remain steadfast,” Mr. Camara said.