Friday, September 22

BAC Accuses Barrow’s government of selective justice against Chairman Darboe

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By Nicholas Bass

As the day for the BAC chair, Yankuba Darboe, at the court set for tomorrow (Thursday) to give his defense-in-chief at Banjul Magistrates’ Court regarding the two counts of seditious and contempt of Court offences leveled against him, 28 Councilors of the BAC, yesterday, Tuesday, accused the Barrow-led government of selective justice against their council chairman, Mr. Yankuba Darboe.

The 28 Councilors of the Brikama Area Council yesterday alleged that the Deputy Speaker of the House of Parliament, Hon Seedy SK Njie sometime in 2016 uttered a seditious statement that led to the evacuation of Adama Barrow (president) into Senegal saying he (Adama Barrow) was inaugurated as the president elect in Senegal. “Was this not an attempt to incite hatred against the president-elect of the Republic of The Gambia,’’ Councilor of Kartong Ward, Boubacarr Kanteh speaking on behalf of the Councilors questioned.

However, the councilors called on the Central government to reflect on the statement made by Dr. Ismaila Ceesay who referred to President Barrow as ‘a clueless President’.

The Councilors in their dismay questioned why Hon Seedy SK Njie and Dr. Ismaila Ceesay among many others were not tried in a court of law for uttering seditious and hateful statements against the sitting President, His Excellency Adama Barrow before the Darboe trial.

West Coast Councilors urged the President to address pressing issues such as food insecurity, and inflation, and seek answers regarding the perpetrators of heinous crimes that caused the death of over seventy babies that suffered from acute kidney infection rather than this issue. 

The councilors went on to say that through the help of Hon Yankuba Darboe the council has paid a debt of D10 million, and now the Council stands on its feet with D1.7 million among many other developments Darboe did within a short period.

In unison, the councilors called on the Supreme Islamic Council, Christian Council, GALGA, International community, EU, ECOWAS, National and International Human rights watchdogs, advocacy groups, Civil Societies, and individuals to address the government to cease all forms of attempts to subvert the will of the electorates in West Coast Region.