Wednesday, September 27

BAC D4 million debt, a challenge to combat flood in Brikama market

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By Nicholas Bass

The Brikama Area Council Market Committee Chairman, Hon Mamadou Jawo Jallow has disclosed that the BAC debt of D4 million made it difficult for his committee to combat floods at the town’s main market.

He made this disclosure at the Brikama Area Council last Friday during a dialogue with mob traders from the Brikama Market over the issue of the flood in the market.

Consoling the Brikama market traders, Hon Mamadou JawoJallow said the Council inherited an empty account with a debt of D4 million that has greatly affected their work in combating floods at the Brikama Market. 

He informed them that the BAC is optimistic about building drainage systems along the waterway after the rainy season while emphasising the need for traders and business owners to pay revenues and taxes rates to the Council adequately.

Hon Jallow pointed out that the new executive come into the office during the rainy season coupled with an empty account made it difficult for them (BAC)to look into the financial aspects of the budget of the Council.

He added that the BAC is using two safety tanks that are insufficient for the people of the West Coast Region.

About Brikama Nymbai council, he assured that his committee will construct sewages for the floods at the Town’s main market to enable pedestrians and traders to go on their normal businesses at the Market for better collection of revenue and taxes.

However, Jallow applauded the ex-chairman of BAC, SherrifoSonko for building new stores at the town’s main market, while lamenting that many traders claimed to have paid for the stores but not officially allocated to any trader.

He further highlighted the importance of payment of revenue and pleaded to them to always pay taxes and revenue stating that it is the means to development, noting that 60% of the revenue collected will be plowed back to the people of the West Coast.

Meanwhile, he called on the people of Brikama to put aside politics and come together for the development of the Region while using the opportunity to call on NGOs, individuals, and philanthropists to support them (BAC) in the fight against floods in the Region.

The Vice Chairman of the Brikama Market Committee, ModouNjie stated that they evacuate and clean the drainage system annually “but it is sad that anytime we do such the floods erode the garbages and sand back into the drainage systems.” So, he noted that it is a wasted effort and such has affected their activities.”.

Mr. Njie quickly affirmed that some of the traders do not pay taxes to the council, he urged traders to desist from such and pay their taxes and as well advised them to always dump their garbage at the dust bins.