Thursday, September 21

BAC Recovers D9M in Royalties-PRO Singhateh

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By:Nicholas Bass

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Brikama Area Council(BAC), Lamin Singateh, revealed that the council under the leadership of Mr. Yankuba Darboe hasrecovered D9m of the 2022 geology royalty funds.

The BAC was able to recover D9m meant for communities affected by mining, the BAC PRO told The Voice in an interview.Singateh disclosed that the money recovered was meant for communities affected by mining, noting that monies were disbursed to Pirang, Sanyang, Kafuta, Bullock, Kembujeh, Gunjur and Kartong wards for development.

He disclosed that the previous council accumulated a deficit of over  D10m thus compelling the present council to rely on overdrafts to meet the council’s financial obligations. This, he explained, has rendered the council financially unstable. 

“However, under Mr. Yankuba  Darboe’s leadership, the council introduced financial threshold mechanisms that resulted in  a deficit of  D330,000.00 within three months, and today,

we are no longer relying on overdrafts to fulfill our financial commitments,” the BAC PRO stated with satisfaction.