Tuesday, October 3

Badara Mbye retires, Sine takes over at Africell

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By Lamin Cham

Longterm CEO and face of GSM giants Africell, Badara Mbye, has retired after 18 and half years of service. He is succeeded by Hussein Diab Ghanem, also called Sine.

The Africell family on Friday staged a farewell dinner in Badara’s honour with many tear-filled colleagues paying tribute to Badara’s immeasurable achievement through thick and thin, while serving as head of Africell.

Badara started work at Africell in June 2002 as Chief Finance Officer and in 2007, he was made CEO. “This was a very long journey full of challenges some of which took us to the breaking point. But against all odds, we persevered and prospered, eventually becoming the biggest company by any measuring parameter,” Badara told colleagues in his farewell speech.

“It is now time to hand over the reigns to a new generation of leaders. I would like to introduce the new CEO Hussein Diab Ghanem, also called Sine. He is young, extremely intelligent and energetic and he spent the last four years of his 15-year service in the company deputising for me and most importantly, experiencing the many challenges we had to face and fight together. I therefore call on you all to give him your full support in making this transition a success,” Badara urged the Africell Family.

He also thanked Africell Group president and CEO, Ziad Dalloul for trusting him all the years, adding that he is happy that he did not disappoint him. “And to you all in the Africell family, I thank you for all making this company a remarkable success,” Badara concluded.