Monday, March 27

Bakary Badgie would become a reflection of Barrow if win Mayoral election – Momodou Sabally

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By: Nyima Sillah 

Momodou Sabally, UDP Campaign Manager has claimed that if Hon Bakary Badgie wins the mayoral election, he would become a reflection of President Adama Barrow. 

Hon Bakary Badgie did not declare his candidacy to the NPP and has been seriously facing high gear of criticism from politicians and individuals. 

Speaking to this medium recently, Honourable Sabally described Honourable Badgie as someone that would also be lethargic, corrupt, incompetent, and retrogression just like President Barrow. 

“President Barrow is his mentor and political godfather. He is part of the failed Barrow administration that presided over rampant corruption, incompetence, and negligence leading to the death of more than 66 innocent children through AKI. 

“Our sports infrastructure became worse under his tenure to the extent that we have to travel to Senegal to host our national games,” he argued. 

However, the UDP Campaign Manager added that KM deserves better and the better candidate is Talib Bensouda who has improved service delivery, and accountability at KM over the past 5 years and has also empowered thousands of youths and women. 

“I believe Hon Badgie doesn’t have a choice because his godfather Barrow is desperate and thinks Bakary is his best bet,” he added. 

He went further that there is disunion and confusion in the NPP camp as some of their allies have already pulled out like the PPP Batchili who has already endorsed Bensouda.

“We expect many more defections from NPP to UDP. Don’t be surprised if their incumbent in Brikama Sheriffo Sonko joins UDP before the polls. There is credible information out there that he is seriously disappointed with his camp and he is contemplating coming back to his original party, UDP,” Hon Sabally disclosed.