Tuesday, June 6

Bakary Badjie claims Talib is not successful in developing KMC

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By: Nyima Sillah

Minister of Youth and Sports, Hon. Bakary Badjie, who is vying for a Mayoral position under the NPP ticket has recently claimed that Mayor Talib Bensouda has not succeeded in doing much based on the revenue he is receiving.

Speaking to the journalist shortly after his nomination over the weekend, Hon Badgie said when he comes to the office if elected he will do a lot of things differently. “You do something different when the person there cannot do something visible but as far as I am concerned they will see it. I am a resident of the municipality and I know that in the last five years, the current mayor has not succeeded in doing much based on the revenue that he receives.”

He continued “For a mayor who has been in office for the time increased taxes by 100% and all the licenses by 100%, duties that women pay by 100%, and yet he is not able to provide them a standard market, road, a school or extend water everywhere or develop anything from council resources, that mayor certainly does not deserve a second vote (chance).”

He also said when he comes to the office, his first priority will be to ensure they focus on digitalizing the tax collection system to maintain a good revenue and able to deliver a service that the people of the municipality aspire, adding Six months is a very close time for anybody to work, but was quick to say in their first months within the six months they would work with NAWEC to extend water into areas that don’t have water.

Hon Badgie also said they will look at the municipality to find out the key feeder roads that need upgrading and upgrade them. Work with communities to support women and young people including persons with disability, and ensure that KM has the first central garage for the municipality. 

Meanwhile, he said the people of the Municipality want a Mayor who is going to work in close collaboration with the Central Government so that they will be able to provide the services that they need through support from the central government.