Friday, March 31

Bakary Camara Urges Gov’t to fight corruption

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By: Binta Jaiteh

Hon Bakary Camara, Former National Assembly member for Kiang Central said the Government needs to fight corruption and price hike of basic commodities.

Speaking to The Voice, Hon. Camara said “The anti-corruption bill is before the National Assembly and I hope it comes into effect before the first quarter of this year and members should work hard to make sure that this bill is implemented. 

“This is one of the most important tools to fight corruption, on the issue of price hikes the government should engage the businessmen to address this since a lot of Gambians are finding it difficult to survive.”

He expressed disappointment saying payment of school fees and other issues affecting people are getting out of hand and he does not think citizens can continue to live in this hardship.

Hon Camara stressed that the government should try and spend on issues that are relevant to the country, traveling should be minimized so that the expenditure will be reduced nothing that education and welfare of the people should be the areas for government to address.

“The government should be proactive in checking on the various ministries to put officials competent in the right positions and stop the favoritism. Our hospitals are in poor condition even medicines are not available in the hospitals he asked how can a country be developed if the health system of the people is weak.”

However, the former MP added that the NPP Government should make sure that things are done effectively irrespective of their political affiliations. Adding that there is a need for open dialogue and for relevant stakeholders to be contacted for the interest of the country since the country is in a critical stage. 

“A leader needs to be focused and bold enough to take drastic decisions in the interest of the citizens if political affiliations overcome your ruling there will be a problem,” he argued.