Sunday, May 28

Bakary Y. Badjie Says Talib Cannot Be Compared To Yankuba Colley In Terms Of Development

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By Fatou Sillah

Bakary Y. Badjie, the Minister of Youth and Sports, who is also the National People’s Party candidate for the upcoming local government elections for mayor of Kanifing Municipality said, Talib Ahmed Bensouda, the incumbent mayor, cannot be compared to former Mayor, Yankuba Colley, in terms of development.

“When we talk about records you can count a lot of records that we registered under the Lord Mayor, Yankuba Colley, and the council. The people of the municipality know this. They know that when you talk of comparison they don’t even exist. Our people, unfortunately, have short memories, they only remember what happened in the last months and the last few years but probably do not remember the things that happened in the past,” he said

“You talk of Markets you can count them multiple about 6 or so. Markets during his two terms, as a councilor and I always talked about these issues in my meetings. Somebody mentioned the Abuko market here. That’s a market that was developed by the Lord Mayor at a time that I was serving as chairperson of the finance and audit committee.

“The same time that the Tallinding market was constructed and the same with the old Jeswang market that the CEO said has a garage and it was the same time that Charles Jaw High School was built and the Serekunda market was burned down at one time. It was during this period that the Serrekunda market was rebuilt to the status that it is,” He said.

Mr. Badjie added that all these developments happened when the Council was collecting minimal revenue

“All of these developments were done at a time that council was collecting minimal revenue, but we have seen an increase by 100% of revenue and yet still we have not seen those kinds of markets, Structures, and Schools been constructed under the period that the current Lord Mayor Talib Bensouda is serving,” He stated.