Sunday, May 28

Bakau Dev’t Committee raises over D5M for community service

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The disclosure was made at a general meeting of residents at the Bakau Community Centre in Bakau, which focused on how to forge ahead with the development of the community.

The committee’s treasurer Ba Nuha Touray assured members of the judicious use of the fund, after reporting how the committee has wisely spent funds over the years.

“We have drilled boreholes at both Bakau Lower Basic School and Bakau Newtown Lower Basic School, fixed up street lights; we bought seeds for women gardeners. We have bought several items to support the health sector and some vulnerable disaster victims in the community,” Mr Touray divulged.

He further said the committee planned to raise more income for community development through organising cultural festivals, football competitions, wrestling as well as providing stores for rent to community people so they could also invest in small-scale businesses.

Alieu Badara Jallow, chairman of the committee, reassured all and sundry of his commitment to the development of the community.

He said a lot is expected from him and his committee, while calling on residents to join hands for more development.

“Collective responsibility is what we need as we can’t do it alone. We have to come together as one; our aim is how to develop Bakau, especially the women involving in gardening and the health sector,” the chairman said.

Basirou Touray, Agricultural Extension officer stationed at the Bakau Women’s Garden, said more developments for the people, especially for women gardeners, are in the pipeline.

“We have secured a project from Gamworks to help these women gardeners in several areas: boreholes for water supply, seeds, hand tools, storage facilities, and pesticides; these are among the areas the project seeks to address,” Mr Touray said.

Several high-profile dignitaries graced the gathering including the National Assembly Member for Bakau constituency Asan Touray, and representatives from the Bakau Health Centre, Bakau Lower Basic School, Upper Basic School, and the Abubakarr Sidiq Institute.

Some members of the community were honoured with certificates of appreciation for their invaluable contribution to the development of the community.