Friday, March 24

Banjul Central MP Vows to push youth inclusion agenda in decision-making processes

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By Binta Jaiteh

Honorable Abdoulie Njai, the National Assembly Member for Banjul Central has vowed to push the youth inclusion agenda in decision-making processes to ensure youth matters are addressed as they are the future leaders of this country.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice, he said he will continue to fight for the youths at both global and continental levels. This motive came through as he returned from Liberia where he was invited to give a speech on youth leadership and youth participation in politics which was highly anticipated as reviews were very positive.

Honourable Njai disclosed that he is currently working together with other youth leaders from the continent on a new ‘’Non-Conventional ‘’ youth model for Africa that will help harness and upkeep the Pan- African spirit and lock heads in unifying a strong Pan-African youth base through multiple initiatives.

“We will represent our people without fear or favor no matter the circumstances, because I have taken an oath on April 9th to serve them, especially the people of my constituency. We will do our best as Lawmakers to consult our people on bills that are of national interests and other related legislative activities. Most importantly by periodically briefing them on legislative business that was done on their behalf,” he promised.

He recalled that as part of their campaign promises, they promised to build an office in his constituency and he is glad to reveal that the office will be completed soon to ease accessibility to propel a proper secretariat.

Honorable Njai further said that they will use their CDF to good use in making sure that it benefits the people directly, which he said has been put into consideration.

“With regards to our 4 point agenda that entailed our priority areas, which among them was inclusion not to leave anyone behind on my nomination day. That I defied the odds and broke a huge barrier and as well made history by becoming the first politician in my country to go for nomination together with 6 women and two differently able people,” he pointed out.

Njai recalled that during his campaign their message was different as it wasn’t the usual political message of false promises and foul language, he said it was a promise of hope and direction to the people.

“It is due to the trust and confidence they had in me which warranted my victory as I was elected to represent them in the parliament. However, I urge NAMs that as soon as we get to the Assembly, let us remove and throw away politics and sentiments and try to see the only Gambia and its crying citizens,” Njai concluded.