Sunday, May 28

Banjul is developed by the president, not the council- Ebou Faye –

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By: Nyima Sillah

Ebou Faye, the National People’s Party Mayoral Candidate for Banjul, as he campaigned from house to house in the capital city of The Gambia for the upcoming election, said Banjul is developed by the president and his government, not the council.

“The council has not implemented all that they talked about in 2018. Banjul is developing by the government and the president the council did not do anything, they just adjust like when the flood occurred, the preventive measures to stop the flood again,” Faye declared.

He added that there is a huge difference between 2018 and 2023 when he contested as an independent candidate but this year, 2023, he is contesting under the ticket of NPP. He, therefore, expressed gratitude to the people of Banjul who need change while saying he is ready to make that change. 

However, Faye promised that in his first 6 months in office, he will do staff, and financial auditing, look into how many assets BCC has, and how best to tackle floods in Banjul for minimal effect on the people of Banjul.

“This is something I will look into because rain will start by June, July. Also, the number of waste in Banjul is too high. I will clean it and make it pleasant. We would able to do all of that in the first 6 months to see that Banjul is change,” he said. 

Terry Williams member of Team Ebou Faye stressed that Banjul lacks so many things within the leadership of Mayor Rohey Malick Lowe but believes that those issues would be addressed and solved by Ebou Faye if he comes to office, especially in the area of youth empowerment.

He argued that they need positive development in Banjul, and trust that Ebou Faye can make it happen, adding the president can work with the NPP mayor which is why they are supporting him so that Banjul can have better development.

“Currently, Banjul has only two garbage trucks and sometimes they don’t even come to collect ‘Mbalit’ but with Ebou Faye, we can have extra, have more projects, and even a council house. All of this is in the Manifesto now it’s only left for implementation,” he stated.