Wednesday, March 22

Banjul Rehabilitation Project Was Intended To Defraud Government – Former Auditor General

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Karamba Touray, former Auditor General of the Gambia

By Buba Gagigo

Karamba Touray, the former Auditor General of the Gambia, said the Banjul Rehabilitation Project was initiated without due diligence and was intended to defraud the government. 

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“From our report, you can see, this was a project which was cooked and prepared before it was announced. This was prepared, work had begun and everything before the president knew what was happening. There was no due diligence. Essentially,it was intended to defraud the government. That was it. It is a scam project. And a number of phases are not completed and that is going to affect Banjul. If the amount of rain we had last year if we have that this year, you may see worst things in Banjul,” the former Auditor General Says.

On the government coming out to defend the contractor during the flood in Banjul, he said.

“Our value, we have lowered the bar so much so that anything goes. You don’t see that anywhere in the world. Let the contractor go and defend himself if he has any issues. The proper thing would have been for them to set up a taskforce to look at the audit report and query for the contractor to respond, but you go and answer for them. It is a new thing; I have never heard it anyway in the world.”

The former Auditor General Karamba Touray made these remarks during his special interview with Kerr Fatou on Monday.

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