Thursday, December 7

Barrister Janneh retires after 52 years of service 

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He celebrated his retirement with a party held on Wednesday at Ocean Bay Resort. 

Mr Janneh was known for his relentless services for the nation thus, being recognised and appreciated by naming “The Janneh Commission of Enquiry” and one of the country’s famous hall “Semega Janneh Hall” after him. 

Mr Sourahata Baboucarr Semega-Janneh established Semega Chambers in 1973. He served as a Barrister of the Honourable Society of Grays Inn (London) and holds a Law Degree (LLB) from Hull University (England).   

He was called to the English and Gambian Bars in 1970. Mr Janneh is a Doyen of the Gambian Bar.

The career of Mr  Janneh commenced when he worked as an Executive Officer in the Estate Duty office in London U.K. In the Gambia, he worked as the first Master and Registrar of the Supreme Court in the early seventies.

Mr Janneh was a founding member of the Law Reform Commission of The Gambia, the Medical and Dental Council of The Gambia and the Gambia General Legal Council.  He also served as President of the Gambia Bar Association from 1993 to 1998 and a founding member of the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights in which he served for eight years.   

It is narrated that on two occasions, Mr Janneh joined Commonwealth teams to observe elections in Namibia (1989) and in Malaysia (1991).  He was appointed in 2017 as Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into the Financial Dealings of former President Yahya AJJ Jammeh and his associates. 

Mr Janneh served for many years as a member of the Rules Committee of the Supreme Court and of the Gambia Court of Appeal. He was also a member of the Gambia Chapter of the African Society of International and Comparative Law which published a periodical containing advanced legal articles. 

As a Private Legal Practitioner, with more than forty years of work experience, the Barrister has represented Banks, Companies, Insurance Companies, Statutory Corporations and Private Commercial Companies both local and foreign as well as numerous individuals, in high profile commercial and criminal matters. He has served as Chairman or a Board Member of various companies.

After years of selfless service, Mr Janneh finally retires from duties.

Giving remarks at the event, Salieu Taal, President of The Gambia Bar Association, acknowledged the important and tremendous roles Barrister Janneh played in the field of law and urged Gambians to celebrate him, for he has sacrificed a lot for the nation.

“Gambia should change the culture of seldom celebration of its great citizens. Mr Janneh deserves more celebration and recognition for his relentless services to the country. We should always remember his great work for the country,” he said. 

He advised aspiring barristers and lawyers to learn from and look up to him for advice and inspiration. He also reminded Mr Janneh of how the young ones need his expertise in the field.