Saturday, March 25

Barrow admits price hike reduces household ability

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“2022 was a challenging year,” the president averred. “It confronted us with rising living costs and hiking prices of fuel influenced by the global crisis. These reduced the ability of households to fulfil their basic needs and responsibilities.”   

The President further stated that conscious of the responsibilities of the State, and to deliver on their promise to stabilise prices, his government took strides to ease the accompanying hardship imposed on the people. He said his government took various steps to lower the price of fuel, which has implications for business transactions and the price of commodities. 

Barrow promised they would continue to monitor public institutions and work with the private sector to maximise their contributions to national development and to improve living standards in the country. 

Dwelling on his government’s achievements, Barrow said: “We have broken new frontiers in providing electricity, yet we are keener today to reach and serve all parts of the country better. We have expanded healthcare provision and improved the health sector, but our desire is to have a healthy nation wherein life expectancy equals the best in other parts of the world.” 

He emphasised that the targets for these aspirations are embodied in the new five-year Recovery-focused Development Plan and Vision 2050. 

In all genuine democracies like The Gambia, he said, there are adequate checks and balances to prevent unlawful actions. 

The head of state further reiterated that the law provides a level playing field for all citizens. “As such, living by the law ensures that we do not offend anyone and, thereby, co-exist in peace and harmony,” he says.