Monday, December 4

Barrow announces 48% subsidy in groundnut price

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The tour, which is a constitutional requirement, will enable the president and his technocrats to interact with Gambians and listen to their concerns with a view to addressing them. It will also afford the president the opportunity to inform Gambians about his government’s policies and programmes that are geared towards uplifting and improving the lives and livelihoods of Gambians.  

During the tour, the president and delegations will also be visiting ongoing projects and also laying the foundation stones of new projects.

“We are going on the tour with the desire of listening to Gambians on some of their concerns. Equally, I will also inform them about the projects and policies that I have in place for them.  We are excited and with full energy,” Barrow further told journalists.

“During the last tour, we met with Gambians and we made lot of promises and I can tell you that most of those promises have been addressed. We are fulfilling most of the promises we made to Gambians,” the President claimed. 

Asked about the plan he has for Gambian farmers as the 2023-2024 groundnut trade season is about to begin, the Gambian leader said: “We have very good prices for farmers. We are subsiding the groundnut with almost 48%.

The president, accompanied by cabinets ministers and other senior government officials, yesterday visited the Haakalang Road and was expected to have a meeting at Paakau Nyakou in Nuimi.