Saturday, April 1

Barrow appoints UK-educated Muhammed Jallow as VP

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But Muhammed B. S. Jallow is a UK educated statistician, Mathematician and Planning Specialist who rose through ranks in government to become Secretary General and Head of Civil Service before his retirement in August 2020.

Mr Muhammad B.S. Jallow acquired a Bachelors in Education Degreein Educational Planning and Statistics, University of Bristol and a Masters in Educational Planning and Statistics from the same University between 1991 and 1995. Prior to his stint at the Office of the President as Secretary General, he was Permanent Secretary in charge of Policy and Coordination in thesame office between 2018 and 2019, and in August 2019, he was elevated to the position of Secretary General.

In 1997, Mr Jallow was a World Bank awardee in Washington, DC, for his work in Public Expenditure Review, with emphasis on Education, and in 2001, received another award in Project and Programme Management, Regional Infrastructure Programme for Africa, a key component of the Africa free trade initiative with the UK.

His work as a planning specialist in 2005saw him undergo a “Process Facilitator on Goal Oriented Project Planning (GOPP)” in Brussels, Belgium, and in 2007 to “Strategic Choices in Education” at the World Bank Institute, Washington, DC.

In his civil service career, Jallow was Educational Planner/Statistician in 1992, became Principal Planner in 1995 and Director of Information Technology and Human Resources, Ministry of Education in 1998.In that role, he served as technical adviser to Senior Management on issues relating to staffing, training and ICT.

In 2003, he was Director of Planning, Ministry of Education and rose to the position of Deputy Permanent Secretary of Programmes, Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education in 2014, a role that combines chief technical adviser to the Permanent Secretary, until 2017, when he became Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education.