Monday, December 4

Barrow contemplates 2026 presidential candidacy

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According to The Gambia Government spokesperson, Ebrima G. Sankareh, President Barrow is yet to decide on his candidature for the upcoming 2026 presidential election,

Spokesperson Sankareh, who was speaking via West Coast Radio Coffee Time Show, stated that when he spoke to President Barrow about the presidential election, the President told him that he had not decided yet.

Quoting the President on a phone call conversation, Sankareh stated that Barrow had reiterated his position, saying: “About the 2026 election, Ebrima, I have not decided yet, and I continue to push. Some people came earlier to say ‘you are going to contest’, and I said ‘no, I have not decided’. There are so many variables that have to be cross-checked before a person can submit his name for candidature.” 

It would be recalled that during this year’s ‘Koriteh’ message to Banjul Muslim Elders, President Barrow hinted he would soon leave office and establish a foundation to support needy Gambians. 

He elaborated: “That is my aim and I will surely do that. I am now identifying my staff that will work with me and manage my foundation to help the needy. Allah has blessed me abundantly because I come from a village called Mangkama Kunda. The village is less than 300 people.”

However, after three months of announcing his intention to retire from public office, the President was also heard talking about his preparations for the upcoming 2026 presidential election, describing how he would defeat his opponents.