Tuesday, March 28

Barrow endorses Commission to probe allegations of financial mismanagement in all area councils & municipalities

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Speaking during the breakfast programme – ‘Coffee Time with Peter Gomez’ – on West Coast Radio Wednesday, the Gambia Government Spokesperson and Presidential Diaspora Adviser, Ebrima G. Sankareh, confirmed that “a process is in motion to set up a Commission of Inquiry into the financial activities of all area or municipal councils throughout The Gambia, no exceptions – all of them”. 

“In fact,” he said, “the legal instruments have been presented last week and President Barrow wasted no time in endorsing them. He has signed the legal instruments and the Commission is being constituted to probe into the finances of all area councils. 

“It will be independent, fair-minded, thorough and composed of competent Gambians from the Accounting, Legal and Administrative sectors.” 

Spokesperson Sankareh added: “President Barrow remains resolute, uncowed and doggedly determined to make sure that this Commission sees the light of day no longer than the first week of March 2023.”

The Commission consists of:

Jainaba Bah Sambou (chairperson), Samba Faal, Oreme E. Joiner, Baba M. Leigh, and Sukai Secka Sagnia.

The Commission is authorised to inquire into the conduct of all local government councils, in particular, the circumstances surrounding the loans acquired for and on behalf of a local government council between the periods of May 2018 and January 2023 among a host of others.