Tuesday, October 4

Barrow froze Dabanani account to frustrate UDP – NAM

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By Tabora Bojang

Central Baddibu National Assembly Member Sulayman Saho has said the freezing of Dabanani Electrical Company’s accounts is “a ploy” orchestrated by President Barrow to “frustrate the political activities” of the UDP as we approach the presidential election.

He said the account was blocked because the president thought money would be used to finance the political activities of UDP. The company’s owner Alagie Conteh is one of the chief financiers of the UDP.

Speaking to The Standard yesterday, Saho said: “I want to tell President Adama Barrow that he has already lost the battle to suppress the UDP in the coming elections. Barrow’s biggest fear is the UDP and he will declare war on anybody supporting UDP and Ousainu Darboe. That is why he ordered the freezing of the Dabanani account. He believes Alagie Conteh is going to use that money to finance the UDP in the coming election. But whether Barrow suppresses Alagie or not, he is going to lose the elections because Gambians are disgusted and are going to ensure that a new government that is going to ensure justice, the rule of law and good governance comes in.”

He added: “The president has shown us what type of a leader he is and God forbid, if he wins this election, the worst is going to befall us. He wanted Alagie to join the NPP and the man refused and that is all. Is it now that he knows Alagie is financing the UDP? Why didn’t they block the account from 2017?

“But let me tell Barrow, blocking Alagie Conteh’s account is not going to derail us because he is not the only financer of the UDP. He is a strong supporter of the UDP and he supported us all along but that is not going to hamper our chances as a political party. We will move on because Gambians are ready to make a change and the party they think is worth leading them is the UDP.”