Sunday, May 28

Barrow hints on ‘leaving office soon’

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“I will leave very soon,” he said, while calling on Gambians to help him complete his developmental agenda, vowing he wants to leave a legacy. 

The President further revealed that when he retires as President, he would stay in the country. He said for Gambians to understand that, he would soon start building the compound he would live after the presidency. 

“I will be living in that compound helping people and praying to Allah. That is my aim and I will surely do that. I am now identifying my staff that will work with me and manage my foundation to help the needy. Allah has blessed me abundantly because I come from a village called Mangkama Kunda. The village is less than 300 people.”

Barrow said it’s Allah who chose him as President while reiterating that he believes that people should be reminded that every living being needed an address, meaning his/her behaviour, work, words and endeavours. 

He added that after leaving the presidency, he prays that the country has a president who would be more tolerant than him. He admitted that The Gambia is small but not easy to govern. 

“The world faces challenges but foodstuffs are cheaper in The Gambia than in any other place in the world. Our scorecard as part of the countries that respect democracy and human rights, we have reached 87%. In media tolerance, we were ranked 146 but now 50.”

Dwelling on the social media space, President Barrow explained that people speaking on social media have problems in their houses and that they would never bring it on social media. He said those set of people are doing it on their own wishes while stating that Social Media is not what would solve the country’s problems, saying “we must dialogue.” 

He also talked about the need for more community radios, pointing out that they should be established to sensitise people and discuss matters of importance. He alleged that those contributing on the radio normally fabricate stories and attack the government. 

He opined that, that can bring tension and that no one knows the end space of tension. Those speaking on social media, he said, are less than 100 people. He added some are paid to lie against the President.