Wednesday, February 8

Barrow honours late VP Joof with insignia of GCRG

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President Barrow said in his statement delivered at the National Assembly during the state funeral: “Parting is an inevitable aspect of life, so we must part someday. On behalf of the Government and People of The Gambia, I assure you, Vice President Joof, that your noble footprints are visibly marked on this land already, which history will preserve forever.”

“Fare thee well and remain in Allah’s mercy. When we lay you to rest, we ask that the gentle angels of the Lord receive you most kindly. Adieu my Honourable Vice President. You carry with you the love, admiration, respect, prayers, and well wishes of the people you sought to serve with frankness and devoted sincerity,” he further stated.  

President Barrow reiterated that The Gambia has certainly lost an illustrious son, a national asset and a pillar in Cabinet who contributed constructively to Cabinet proceedings. He added that the late VP was dependable and generously shared his knowledge, experience, and expertise.

In truth, Barrow continued that the late VP selflessly devoted all his life to the service of his country and to humanity in various ways. 

The emotional president further stated that many Gambians looked up to the late VP as an icon, mentor or role model, adding he taught or influenced many people, most of whom subsequently rose to occupy very senior and notable positions of authority in the country. 

“As our wise elders would say, a gigantic tree has fallen, and many birds will now find elsewhere to rest.”