Tuesday, December 6

Barrow says children died of AKI not at much variance with data

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Addressing the nation on Friday regarding the deaths of children from Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), President Adama Barrow stated that the child mortality figure of 66 is not at much variance with the recorded data for similar periods in the past.

However, his government remains deeply concerned about every death in the country, and all causes of premature deaths.

The president ordered the Ministry of Health to work with the Attorney General’s Chambers to review and update the Medicines and Related Product Act, the Pharmacy Council Act and all other related legislative frameworks and regulations.

He also called the ministry to collaborate with all relevant partners and stakeholders to strengthen its detection capabilities and establish a quality control national laboratory for drugs and food safety.

President Barrow added that in collaboration with relevant partners and stakeholders, the ministry should investigate the source of the contaminated drugs, the circumstances and procedures for importation of medicines into the country and establish safeguards to eliminate the importation of sub-standard drugs.

He revealed that the World Bank is supporting the Government, saying steps have been initiated to establishing a quality control laboratory at the Medicine Control Agency.

“I assure all that the Government will leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of this incident. I urge you, however, to be vigilant enough to ensure that all medicines sold or used are safe and effective. We owe it to the nation and to ourselves to protect the lives of every citizen and resident of the country.”