Tuesday, December 5

Barrow says gov’t officials unwilling to work will get fired

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In an audio message reviewed by Kerr Fatou, he emphatically stated in Mandinka that he would not hesitate to terminate the employment of individuals who are not prepared to work.

“Effective today, upon my return to the office, it will become evident that the President Barrow of 2021 and today’s President Barrow are markedly different. The work environment will undergo a transformation – either you fulfill your responsibilities or you face dismissal. I will no longer show leniency. We cannot allocate government resources without receiving tangible output; we have numerous individuals within the system who are more capable. You occupy a privileged position, and you are not contributing? We will not allow anyone to hold us back any longer.

“Dou Sannoh has long maintained that President Barrow is steering a vehicle with no brakes, and if you obstruct the way, you’ll be run over. My message is straightforward: I urge everyone to abide by our nation’s laws, myself included. Ousainu Darboe, Mama Kandeh, the NPP, and all opposition parties should do the same. That’s it. Gambians will decide the outcome of our elections,” stated the President.

President Adama Barrow uttered these statements during his final meeting with the Chiefs and Alkalolu of the Upper River Region, held in Mankamang Kunda.