Monday, March 27

Barrow says gov’t will work to ensure food security

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By Adama Makasuba

President Adama Barrow has outlined his administration’s plan, saying his new government target is rice self-sufficiency and food security for all.

Speaking at his Swearing-in ceremony on Wednesday, he said: “we pride ourselves, nonetheless, for the bold steps taken to mechanize agriculture, leading to the distribution of farm inputs and labour-saving devices, such as tractors, heavy-duty machinery and equipment.”

“The target for the new government is rice self-sufficiency and food security for all. To maintain this, we will have to open up industries, upgrade the country’s technology status, and process our produce, while creating jobs in the country. Relatedly, the number of people trained, facilities constructed and other significant achievements in the education sector are correspondingly matched by the tremendous strengthening of the health sector through record investments,” he added.

“The community ambulances distributed recently were well received countrywide. In addition, the health centres upgraded and the new facilities provided in areas that, until now, were considered remote and deprived, have also gone down very well across the country. All these make us bolder to set much higher targets for the next five years,” he explained.

According to him, the level of economic growth realised during these trying years and the economic measures adopted have helped to put the country in a viable position to generate national income to fund major projects without seeking support elsewhere.

“It is obvious, however, that the economy, businesses, and livelihoods must be protected further and reinforced to result in better development trends and maintain a productive and peaceful population. I am happy to report that by December 2021, sixty percent (60%) of the 2018-2021 National Development Plan (NDP) activities were either successfully conducted or on track for completion. Out of the pledges made in Brussels, 41.9 percent has been disbursed so far,” he said.