Friday, September 22

Barrow says tour not a waste of public funds

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By Tabora Bojang

President Adama Barrow has said that contrary to his opponent’s view the ongoing nationwide Meet the People Tour, is not a waste of money but a useful exercise that among other things makes it possible for his government to swiftly respond to the plights of the citizens across the country.

Speaking at a meeting in Sibanor Tuesday, the president lashed out at what he called “self-centred” National Assembly Members who “stood against his development bills” in parliament because of partisan politics.

“This a government elected by the people and it is therefore prudent for us to tour the country and listen to their concerns but they [the critics]are condemning it and claiming it is a waste of resources. When we went on a tour last year, we were able to know many issues at first hand and managed to solve some of them. The same is expected this year too and our technicians are taking note of all the concerns raised and they would be reviewed if we get back and Gambians would see how we react,” the president said.

He lamented that in spite of the achievements registered under his leadership in the last four years it faced a big fight in the National Assembly, where there are “people who want to become president and believed that supporting his government’s development programmes” would derail their chances. “But we have put our trust in God and we now have fearless lion NAMs by our side, who would put down their lives to ensure that whatever we are up to is realised and these are patriots who are only concerned with national interests, but there are others who are out there who defend their personal interests and we know all of them and 2021 will clear everything.”

What we showed them in Niamina and Jokadu [by-elections] was the tip of the iceberg, more humiliation awaits them in 2021,” Barrow warned.