Friday, March 31

Barrow Tells His Transitional Cabinet To Function Lawfully

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President Barrow with his cabinet

By Landing Ceesay

President Adama has told his caretaker cabinet to perform their functions in accordance with the law, following their swearing-in earlier Wednesday.

“I thank you all for the period you served as Vice President and cabinet ministers respectively. This is a transitional cabinet until I appoint a permanent one in the near future. You are expected to perform your functions in accordance with an oath you took today and within the law and the rules and regulations that govern public office.

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 “You…delivered on our promise as a government and to work individually and in solidarity in the last five years. You have managed to create a legacy that will visibly go down in the history of The Gambia. I believe that no matter how long one serves in public office. It is more important than anything else to sincerely make the best out of the opportunity put at our disposal to serve the nation,” President Barrow told the transitional cabinet shortly after they were sworn-in.

He congratulated the ministers on their appointment and thanked them for accepting the appointment.

 “I congratulate you all on your new appointments which take effect from January 20 2022. I sincerely thank you for accepting your new appointments and for taking the oath of office to begin a new era in the governance process of the Gambia. I will not do justice to you, if I do not publicly declare my appreciation and gratitude for your laudable efforts and the commendable commitment you demonstrated during my first term in office. You executed your duties, your responsibilities and with devotion to ensure that we succeed together in delivering on our development aspirations,” he said.

The Gambian leader said longevity does not matter in respect to the quality and significance of the services they provide to the people and nation while in office.

The Gambian President Adama Barrow made these remarks at the State House earlier on Wednesday, after swearing in 18 new cabinet ministers for his second term.