Saturday, December 3

Barrow to launch party in January

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He revealed that they have a lot of support on the ground and will launch his party in January 2021.

Speaking to EyeAfrica TV in an exclusive interview, the president explained that the coronavirus pandemic frustrated the earlier launching of his NPP to the extent that he wanted to do a mini-launching of the organisation.

“I wanted to launch it earlier than this. But because of Covid-19, I was not able to launch. I got to a stage whereby I wanted to organise a mini-launching. But when I brought in the idea, I even prepared my speech and everything so that we have a mini-launching but when I contacted my people, they said, ‘Mr President, we don’t want mini-launching, we want grand launching.”

Unfortunately, he said, that could not have happened at that time. He added that if all plans work and Covid-19 subsides in the country, “I think in January. Whatever we need for the launching is now in the stores. We are just waiting for the time.

“We are ready and our people are looking forward to it. I think it will be a big day in the history of this country. I will launch my party in Independence Stadium. That day I will invite every Gambian and every journalist in this country. It will be a grand launching.