Thursday, February 9

Barrow Unveils D100M Basse Market Project

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Tabora Bojang

President Adama Barrow on Saturday laid the foundation stone of a D100 million first class international market in Basse, Upper River Region.

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The market was burnt down in March in a mysterious fire outbreak causing the loss of millions.

“I am delighted to be here today to lay the foundation stone for the new Basse Main Market. Unlike my last visit, this is a moment of hope, but not despair; it is an occasion of joy, but not sadness, and it is a day of thanksgiving, but not gloom”, Barrow who spent his formative years in Basse said at the event.

He recalled that it was devastating and heart-breaking to see the destruction and the extensive loss of goods and assets

“From the ruins of the old market will emerge a much better and modern market that every Gambian will be proud to visit. The new Basse Market will be built to modern international standards and of high quality. It will accommodate one hundred and eighty (185) single shops, two (2) mini-markets, a shed for about thirty-five (35) women vegetable sellers, and another for twenty-five (25) fishmongers and butchers. In addition, a mosque, Market Manager’s Office, waste collection area and toilet facilities will be provided,” the president said.

President Barrow said the new market will be equipped with all “necessary fire hydrants, vehicular access routes, effective drainage system and installation of a safe electrical system to avoid dangerous electrical faults.”

“As detailed out in the National Development Plan, my vision of the new Gambia is a country where the highest standards of good governance are upheld, citizens enjoy access to basic services and the enabling environment is created for the private sector to thrive. It is vividly evident that my Government has taken giant strides towards the achievement of these noble objectives, as witnessed by the construction of this important regional market,” President Barrow added.

Gigo Construction and Gai Enterprise have been contracted to rebuild the market.

The president urged the two contractors to ensure the actual completion of the market within the proposed time frame.

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