Wednesday, September 27

Barrow updated on OMVG Council’s work

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The President highlighted the significance of the projects to citizens of the member states, saying he was happy with the progress made and encouraged the Ministerial Council and the High Commission to work harder as the people are eager to see the projects come to fruition.

“Electricity is in high demand, and the populations of our countries look forward to the completion of the project,” he noted.

While stating that the Heads of State have social contracts with the people and must deliver, President Barrow used the opportunity to commend the World Bank and other partners for supporting the Organisation to provide social projects for the people.

As the current Chairman of the OMVG, the President promised to work with his colleagues in preparation for the 11th Ordinary Session of the Conference of Heads of State of the OMVG.  He tasked the High Commission and team to prepare their report towards the upcoming meeting.       

Thus far, the projects in The Gambia and Senegal are 100% completed and Guinea and Guinea Bissau are above 90% complete. OMVG is working to provide electricity and water for irrigation for ninety thousand hectares of land. The Gambia will have fifty thousand, while Senegal will have forty thousand hectares of irrigated land. The goal is to fight poverty and hunger by encouraging youths in the member countries to engage in agriculture.

The Minister of Environment of The Gambia, Hon. Rohey John Manjang, led the delegation to the State House headed by the Guinea Bissau Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Dionisio Cabi.

State House, Banjul, 5July 2023