Monday, November 28

Barrow urged to take advantage of Baden-Württemberg coalition gov’t

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The Greens and the CDU in Baden-Württemberg agreed on coalition negotiations on Saturday 4th April 2021, weeks after the state elections.

The Greens and the CDU want to vote on the result on May 8, 2021 at separate state party conferences.

On May 12th, Kretschmann wants to be elected Prime Minister for the third time.

Mr. Sonko said the Barrow led Government technocrats should be able to design reliable policies and programmes to be able to negotiate in the best interest of both countries.

He noted that fruitful talks with Baden-Württemberg can bring sanity to the mass deportations between Germany and The Gambia, adding that the German government is open to fruitful and reliable talks.

He highlighted that the government of The Gambia should be able to come with a clear perspective for the best interest of their citizens in Germany.

According to him, the coming of Baden-Württemberg coalition government goals are protecting the climate and preserving biodiversity which is important for a sustainable future.

He further advised The Gambia government to join the negotiation table with Baden-Württemberg government as soon as possible for the best interest of Gambian asylum seekers.

He pointed out that the Barrow led-government is struggling with youth empowerment and creation of better job opportunities for the returnees.

Mr. Sonko advised Gambian migrants to be law abiding, respect rules and regulations in Germany, look for possible integrations, do vocational trainings (Ausbildung) as well as avoid drug and/or criminal activities.