Monday, October 3

Barrow vows to retire Darboe as he attacks veteran politician

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President Barrow further revealed that Fabakary Tombong Jatta once visited him in 2017 and told him that if he (Barrow) continues with UDP, they will betray him. He added that he was very angry that day but Mr. Jatta further told him that, he would only support him (Barrow) if he separate from UDP.
“The enemies of the president don’t want peace in this country and they follow their own interest instead of the public. My father (Darboe), is elderly and doesn’t know what to say. I want him to know that I will retire him December 4th and we have started that in Sukuta.”
Barrow revealed in a large crowd that one elderly man once told him that Darboe will die as a lawyer and opposition, adding that he (Barrow) has realised that statement and agree with it.
Mr. Barrow, who seemed to centred his speech on Darboe, stated that Darboe would never get support from anyone like him. He reiterated that for 22 years, he had been helping Darboe in anything and to the extent of removing his own money to finance his political activities.
“We were together in the fight till he was arrested. When I became the president, I removed him from the prison and made him Foreign minister, and I later appointed him the vice president. There will be no one who will help him as I do.”
He buttressed that Darboe is the one who shows him the political arena but he now knows politics very well. President Barrow alleged that Lawyer Dorboe went to Basse and “pronounced something that is not true.”
“He didn’t even know how Basse roads were built. He is desperate and never holds a counselor or Village Development Committee (VDC) position. He is old and has to resign and hold unto the mosques and pray. You cannot do anything with my work, nothing. You threatened the Sarahulleh’s but I want them to know that if it was Darboe alone, I will never be a president because he was in prison.”