Monday, December 4

Barrow welcomes APRM plan to establish office in Gambia

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Ambassador Jainaba Jagne, the Gambia’s Permanent Representative at the African Union, said H.E. President Barrow was receptive to APRM’s mission and encouraged the representatives to speed up the process in the country.

Madam Jagne said the delegations met the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Interior and the Speaker of the National Assembly and TANGO, representing Civil Society Organisations, to inform them about APRM’s mission.

“This would be an internal Gambian owned procedure” Jagne said. Ambassador Jagne stated that APRM would identify a focal person and eminent Gambians to work with the institution in the country.

Professor Eddy Maloka, CEO of the APRM Continental Secretariat, said the organisation’s work promotes good governance in Africa. Maloka said they would be working with various stakeholders within the government and civil society bodies to ensure the continuous improvement of governance in the African continent.