Wednesday, December 6

Battling Food Insecurity: GIRAV Empowers Producers To Boost Yields

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 Sheriff Musa

Food insecurity is a global phenomenon that requires holistic action to address the situation in order to boost production and productivity levels for greater yield for producers.

Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture under the GIRAV Project are empowering the key players in the production sector aiming at devising ways to address the phenomenon.

Project Coordinator, Abdoulie Touray explained the genesis of the project and appealed to the participants to keenly focus on the implementation of the project for greater results.

According to the latest statistics shown by the World Bank, Domestic food price inflation remains high around the world between May and August this year for which food price inflation data available shows high inflation in many low-and middle-income countries, with inflation higher than 5 percent in 52.6 percent of low-income countries.

Ramatoulie Hydara-Sanyang, GIRAV Project Operations Director gave an overview of food insecurity and how the African continent is struggling with production and productivity for greater yield.

Statistics show that the most-affected countries are in Africa, North America, Latin America, South Asia, Europe and Central Asia and, according to experts, drought which many developing countries are prone to reducing the amount of food available, population size, and low productivity among others.