Monday, June 5

BCC deputy mayor hands over vegetable garden to Crab Island women

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The project, which includes the rehabilitation of the Crab Island school, is set to cover the resurrection of the women’s garden which has been unproductive for some years. The first phase of the project covers 25 women beneficiaries out of 55 women within the community who are currently on standby.

The garden project covers half a hectare of 50 meters by 95 meters.

The Crab Island school’s rehabilitation project is in progress, and it includes over all lighting of the school and the garden. 

The garden is planned to continue harvests both in dry and rainy seasons to ensure more harvests for the gardeners.

Speaking to reporters shortly after the handing over, Deputy Mayor Touray stated that the project was a three years funding project to rehabilitate and transform the Crab Island school into a  multipurpose center funded by the European Union for Banjul-Oostende link of 3M Euros.

The project, he said, is of five components which include greening. He stated that the garden was inherited as it used to be a football pitch for students.

He explained the reasons for turning the school football pitch to a garden, saying it’s to help the women.

According to him, women used to generate a lot of vegetables before the Covid-19 which he said had caused a lot of delay in their project.

He noted that the initiative is not a political tool but for continuity. He noted that whoever is elected as the councillor of the Crab Island Ward must continue the project as it’s a communal property.

He emphasised that the project would have a huge impact on the women and through that they could help their families.

He disclosed that the project comes with a drilled borehole to provide sufficient water supply for the gardeners.