Wednesday, March 22

BCC spends over D100m in 2019/20

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The disclosure was made Wednesday when BCC Finance Director Omar Camara appeared before the Finance and Public Account Committee (FPAC) at the National Assembly to present their activity and financial report.

The council spent D81.4 million and generated revenue of D76.8 million in the year 2019, and also spent D61.5 million and generated D65.8 million as revenue in the year 2020, Mr Camara said.

He added that the components or sections through which the total revenue was generated for 2019 included Admin revenue (D10.3M), trades licences (D40.7M), wastes collection (D1.4M), markets (10M), rates and taxes (D9.2M), car pack fees (D3.8M), and grant and subventions (D1.6M).

He also said that for expenditure categories: monuments took D26.6M, admin expenditure D16.3M, cleansing services D6.5M, education D463,470, social services D1.5M, youth sports and culture D1.7M, maintenance and repairs D1.4M, and development expenditure D26.5M.

For the year 2020, Mr Camara said the income was generated from Admin revenue D4.3M, trade licences D35.4M, waste collection D840,300, markets D7.6M, rates and taxes D6.6M, car pack fees D3.7M, and grants and subventions D7.3M.

Veering unto expenditure for the year 2020, the BCC finance director said that total expenditure was D61.5 million. These, he explained, included expenditure on monuments D28.2M, Admin D17.5M, cleansing services D7.6M, education D143,641, social services D411,110, youth sports and culture D965,743, maintenance and repairs D1.4M, and development expenditure D5.3M.