Wednesday, September 27

BCC terminated dumpsite fence project award contract, says Ebrima Sanyang –

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By Mama A. Touray

Director of Procurement Policy and Operations, EbrimaSanyang has disclosed in his testimony that BCC terminated the contract awarded to Yala Kolong Enterprise on the fencing of the Banjul City Council dumpsite at the vicinity of mile two.

Mr. Sanyang said BCC’s reason for terminating the contract was that the contractor would not be able to meet up the deadline – indicating that they were not happy with the pace at which the contractor was working. 

At the time of terminating the contract, he said, Yala KolongEnterprise already commenced work. Adding that after the termination, BCC requested the contractor to refund D1,300,000 paid as advanced payment. 

Director Sanyang explained that BCC, after terminating the contract wanted to give the contract to Eco Farm. 

However, the commission noticed that the files presented to the commission by GPPA do not have meeting minutes where it was discussed that the contract with Yala Kolong Enterprise should be terminated.

Director Sanyang said the process of consulting Eco Farm was inappropriate as BCC did not seek approval from GPPA before they engage Eco Farm.

Chairperson Jainaba Bah said the GPPA files are mixed up and some files are not in them. She asked whether employees of GPPA may have removed the documents from the files.

In response to that Director of GPPA Phoday Jaiteh said “These files are incomplete. Something is happening somewhere”.

In response to that, Mr. Sanyang said “It is a big surprise to us. We have them but I don’t know why they are not in the file.”

“According to our findings, the contract was signed not long ago, but the implementation did not start yet. I don’t know why it was not implemented since, but I know the contract was signed with the successful bidder. It has not taken effect,” Sanyang said.

Sanyang testified that BCC was under obligation to furnish GPPA with all information of the procurement including when they encounter problems. 

He said the Banjul City Council should have filled Form 041 (Supplier Assessment) to indicate the performance of the supplier and the problems that they encounter, if any.

The Chairperson of the Commission told the witnesses that GPPA has the power to investigate procurement proceedings if they feel that things are not going right.

“Absolutely, you are right. During my tenure we have not used this particular provision, but is useable,” Phoday Jaiteh, the Director General of GPPA said.