Sunday, February 5

Beakanyang Seeks Traditional Methods For Conflict Prevention, Peacebuilding

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As part of its relentless efforts in promoting human rights and sustainable peace in communities, Beakanyang, a local NGO recently launched an initiative called Badingbung.

According to officials, Badingbung is a local word meaning family house which seeks to use the family setups to resolve conflicts, seek for justice for victims of human rights violations and promote reconciliation.

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To ensure effective community participation and ownership, a daylong orientation workshop for programme facilitators was recently held in Basse.

Speaking at the occasion, Nfamara Jawneh, Executive Director of Beakanyang said the initiative aims to promote communal healing in post-dictatorship Gambia.

According to him, the programme is also aimed at providing community platform for victims of human rights violations to narrate their stories and encourage perpetrators to accept the truth and seek for forgiveness from their victims.

“It also seeks to restore broken relationships in targeted communities while advancing human rights,” he noted.

Jawneh further disclosed that the programme targets four Upper River Region districts namely Wuli West, Wuli East, Sandu and Tumana.

Speaking earlier, Mr Yaya Sumareh, Board Chairperson of Beakanyang said the orientation targets prominent personalities in the region who were carefully selected through a vigorous process.

He thanked the Africa Transitional Justice Legacy Fund for funding the Badingbung initiative.

Speaking on behalf of the Head Chief of Basse, Mr Jewuru Kruballly thanked Beakanyang for the laudable initiative noting that such initiatives could promote sustainable peace in the communities.

Participants such as female representative at Basse Area Council Mrs Mariama Trawalley, Oustass Batuwo Fatty of Tambasansang, Basandeh Jawara of Darsilameh, Alhagie Bembading Jabby of Taibatou, Oustass Makeh Jagne of Bantunding and Alhagie Karamo Dibbasy of Jakaba all applauded Beakanyang for its respect for local traditions and commitment to national development.

They all promised to live up to expectation while reaffirming their commitment to working towards the success of the Badingbung initiative.

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